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Review: Aqua Kitty: Milk Mine Defender DX

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The original Aqua Kitty launched with the first batch of PSM games back in October of 2012. To this day it is easily among the best games that PSM has to offer. Aqua Kitty DX maintains everything that was great about the original game while adding new levels, enemy types, boss fights, new game modes, graphical upgrades, cross-save/cross-buy, leaderboards, and even a co-op mode for those playing on PS4. It is essentially your “definitive” edition of Aqua Kitty.

As a refresher Aqua Kitty is a side scrolling shooter similar to Defender. The story tells of a future in which the milk reserves have run dry. One day hidden milk reserves are discovered deep in the ocean and it’s up to you and your fellow kittens to mine for milk. As the game would say “the milk must flow”. In game you’ll fight off various enemies in an attempt to protect the kittens mining for milk. As I mentioned in my original review the controls are tight and protecting all of the kittens provides a tough and rewarding challenge.

As someone who spent a lot of time with Aqua Kitty over the past two years the new Arcade mode really stands out to me. In Arcade you are given one life to clear all of the stages and to protect all of the kittens. The key difference is that Arcade offers a progression system in which you purchase upgrades that will carry over from level to level. You’re able to choose what upgrades you want and in what order. It changes things up just enough that the experience feels fresh. It also serves to offer an extra challenge for those who have mastered the original game. Saving all kittens in one go is going to be really tough, but it’s a challenge I’m willing to tackle head on.

New bosses, enemy types, leaderboards, among many of the other new features just serve to be icing on the cake. Especially for those who may have played Aqua Kitty before there’s enough here to completely warrant a purchase. Once again I have no complaints. Aqua Kitty DX is pretty much exactly what I would want from something like this. Arcade Mode alone is enough to get me back into playing the game regularly, but aside from that there’s still enough new additions here to make this an easy recommendation for anyone.

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