Aqua Kitty DX: New screens, details, and a release date!

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Aqua Kitty first released on PlayStation Mobile over two years ago and it’s now coming very soon to the PS4 and Vita with a number of new additions. Some of the new additions are listed below, but we’ll have some more information in the near future.

New and reworked levels.
Bosses added per area.
Directional fire weapons, dropped by the Silverfish enemy (which complements the Goldenfish powerup dropper).
An easy mode for people who feel normal mode is too hard.
Arcade mode, which plays like a mix of Gradius and Defender. Collect Gems to purchase powerups which are carried onto successive levels.
Further details to follow…

The developer Tikipod also offered up a few new screenshots from the PS4 version of the game.

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Aqua Kitty DX will be available for PS4 and Vita (cross-buy) on November 25th. A new trailer and more details should follow next week. You can check out our review for the PSM version of Aqua Kitty right here.