PSNStores Weekly Roundup: December 31st 2012 – January 6th 2013

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Hope everyone’s 2013 has been treating them well so far. Mine has been great although getting up for my first day back to work after the holidays was brutal. Thankfully I had the comfort of Persona 4 Golden and Jet Pack Joyride for the bus ride to and from work to help ease the pain.

The first store publish of the New Year is coming this week and will mark the return of PSM releases with the very interesting looking Life of Pixel. We will also see Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable for Vita, Dance Magic for you Move and dance fans out there, and the PSN release of one of my favorite PS3 titles Demon’s Souls for the outstanding price of $20. Check out this weeks Sneak Peek for all the details.

In reviews we have the story heavy side scrolling shooter Sine Mora, Creat Studios newest title Labyrinth Legends, and the platformer with the amazing secret ending Knytt Underground.

With 2012 now over it has been Game of the Year time here at PSNStores as we editors have been looking back at this amazing and varied year in gaming. While you won’t find out who won this years coveted PSNStores GOTY award until next week you can check out Nick’s, Curtis’s, Ben’s, Eric’s, Chris’s, Brad’s, and my own personal GOTY picks to see some of our favorite games we enjoyed this year. Also make sure to cast your vote in the finals for the first ever Reader Choice Award. It is now down to The Unfinished Swan vs. Journey for 1st place and Sound Shapes vs. The Walking Dead for third, all deserving games in my opinion.


Zeno Clash II Got Some New Screens
Dance Magic Comes To PSN January 8th
$20 Gets You Demon’s Souls Next Tuesday


★★★★☆ Sine Mora
★★★★★ Knytt Underground
★★★★☆ Labyrinth Legends

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