PSNStores Reader Choice Award (Quarter Final Voting Closed)

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We are giving you a chance to voice your opinion this year. Below is our first ever “Reader Choice Award”, where you the reader will pick what your game of the year was for the PlayStation Network. The games below were picked from Vita, PSN, minis, and PlayStation Mobile.

The voting for Quarter finals will go until Wednesday night. You can see the bracket underneath the polls. So let us hear what your favorite PlayStation Network game was this year!

Match-ups this Round:

Retro City Rampage vs.
The Unfinished Swan

Papo & Yo vs.
The Walking Dead

Super Stardust Delta vs.
Sound Shapes

Tokyo Jungle vs.

  • Maggard

    Poor Tokyo Jungle. Just not fair being stuck up directly against Journey. So wish I’d gotten to purchase Tokyo Jungle earlier. There’s that thin chance once done, I’ll find myself returning to Tokyo more than the desert sands…