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$20 Gets You Demon’s Souls Next Tuesday

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The title says it all, though Atlus said a bit more in the official press release.  If you’re on the fence about buying or rebuying Demon Souls, Atlus has a surprise that might help with the decision. Read on for more details…

Demon Souls can be yours as a digital download from the PlayStation Store next Tuesday, January 8 for the low low price of $19.99 if you so please. Though the beauty in buying digitally is you don’t need to be polite to anyone while completing your transaction. Forget going to the brick and mortars to score a sealed or used copy of Demon Souls, PSN has your back.

From January 8 until January 14, Atlus is setting the Demon Souls servers to “Pure White”. What this means is that the notoriously high difficulty will be much easier by reducing enemy HP, defense and attack stats, and increasing your character’s attack stats. Defeated enemies won’t be dropping as many upgrade stones as usual, but will be  dropping more healing items.

Additionally, Atlus says the Pure White Tendency will open up new areas and special non-playable characters. Whether this will be the first time you’ve ever played Demon Souls or your revisiting the game after some time away, Pure White will allow you to find your groove and become familiar with the game before the game’s actual difficulty crushes your spirits on January 15.