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Rainbow Moon Dev Diary: Combat

Posted by on June 25th, 2012 | 0 Comments | Tags: ,

A developer diary for Rainbow Moon was released earlier today. It highlights the combat mechanics for the upcoming strategy RPG. It looks like a combination of Chrono Trigger and traditional SRPGs. Enemies are visible while exploring and colliding with them will begin a battle upon a grid. Everything is turnbased, “just like the good old days.” The game features over 120 different combat skills, a Bias System that sounds a bit like Pokémon (physical characters do more damage to magical creatures and vice versa), and a rock-paper-scissors Weapons Affinity system. There’s a gear-enhancement mechanic hinted at in the video that I’m sure will sink dozens of hours of gameplay if you were to get into it.

We talked a bit about Rainbow Moon in Episode 69 of the PSNStores podcast. It looks like a very deep game with tons of hours of gameplay. Curtis is going to love it, I’m guessing. Look for Rainbow Moon sometime in July.