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Rainbow Moon coming to PS Vita on December 3rd

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After Rainbow Moon released on PS3 in the Summer of 2012 work began on porting the game over to the PlayStation Vita. It’s been a long time coming but SideQuest Studios confirmed today that the PlayStation Vita version of Rainbow Moon will release on December 3rd.

New to the game this time around is cross-save functionality that works both with new saves as well as any of your save games from before. Meaning my save file from when I reviewed the game close to fifteen months ago can easily transfer to the Vita version of the game. Also new is the addition of “30 new features” as well as bug fixes and other various improvements to the game. Some of which include the ability to skip the XP counter after battles, the ability to use items straight from a quest vender and improved left stick control. What those other features and improvements are weren’t specified but apparently were taken directly from fan feedback. For those who don’t own a Vita all of these additions will be made available through a patch for the PS3 version which is also coming next month.

If you read my review here it’s obvious that I wasn’t a huge fan of Rainbow Moon for various reasons. (I will be curious to see if any of these new improvements fix some of the things I disliked about the game.) My review aside however most people seemed to enjoy Rainbow Moon. So if you haven’t checked it out before now might be a good time to give it a shot especially depending on what the new features and bug fixes might entail. SideQuest Studios is also currently developing the sequel, Rainbow Skies, which will be releasing on the PS3 and PS Vita sometime next year.

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