Sneak Peek: April 24th PSN Releases

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Dragon’s Dogma
Ninja Gaiden 3

PS3 Games

Battlefield 3
Grease Dance
The Cursed Crusade

PS2 Games

Red Faction

PS1 Games

Darkstalkers 3
Future Cop LAPD


Ikari 3: The Rescue


Armored Core 5
Asura’s Wraith
LittleBigPlanet (Journey and Escape Plan Outfits)
Ridge Racer (Vita)
Soul Calibur 5
Touch My Katamari (Vita)
Warriors Orochi 3

[Source: PlayStation Blogcast]

  • osman fatih dogan

    please release DC UNIVERSE ONLINE The Battle For Earth Dlc in TURKEY playstation also, i ve bought the game dvd from a fair, i bought the lightning strikes dlc pack from store, but there isn’t new dlc, legendary membership and the fight for the light dlc in TURKEY playstation store