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Pix’n Love Rush Getting Minis Treatment

Posted by on September 24th, 2010 | 2 Comments | Tags: , , , ,

There have been a lot of iPhone apps announced as coming over to the minis platform in the past couple of months. Add Pix’n Love Rush to that list, but be sure to add it to the top of it. The game is coming thanks to BulkyPix, Pastagames, and Sanuk Games.

The screenshots don’t really do the game’s fast-paced action much justice, so I scoured the internet for less than one minute to find a video of the game being played on the iPhone.

The gameplay is rather simple: Move, jump and shoot. Like any good, simple game, it gets progressively faster and more difficult. There are 125 levels and 7 different visual styles that cycle as you fight to keep a perfect combo going. The visual shuffling sort of reminds me of Lumines, while the rapid, simple action reminds me of WarioWare. The game has received rave reviews on the iPhone app store, and I’m sure it will be greatly improved with the addition of (GASP!) buttons.
This came as a surprise, considering Sanuk Games’s most recent minis release. All the same, I’ll be bugging my buddy with an iPhone to download it while we wait to receive a release date for the PSN version.