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Worst. Game. Ever.

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You may have heard of Crap of Defense for the iPhone. Well, it’s getting ported to the PSN as a mini, but with a new name. By the end of August, be on the lookout for Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder. It’s not a direct port of the original game. According to the developers, a whole new campaign will be added along with dozens of new levels for the previous two. I don’t often do this, but I’d like to quote the bulk of the press release, as it’s rather funny.

Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder is an extension to the previously released Crap of Defense game for iPhone. The game were self proclaimed worst game ever, and their creation story included themes such as deaf composer paying for using his music in the game, kid artist from china working on the art and cheapest team ever assembled, with total budget of just 500 Russian rubles (excluding stolen hardware). Full story can be found here:


“We wanted to go with the same name, but our fame exceeded us and we were banned from the beginning” complains Fülöp Mészáros, second best Hungarian game designer (out of two).

“So we just changed the name and are hoping that no ugly schmuck from the press will ever nose it out” he secretly shared to our reporter in exchange of bottle of absinth.

“My grandpa once told me – if you are good at something, never do it for free” says Laszlo Kovács, Hungarian game producer, explaining why his team is planning to charge money for such terrible game. “To be honest I’ve never really understood what he meant, but I just liked the idea of charging money” he adds.

The broken English adds to the humor. Also, I’m not sure if “Laszlo Kovács” is a common Hungarian name or if it’s just a reference to the few Laszlo’s in Hungarian history. I know it from Breathless, but who knows, maybe there’s a nation of Laszlo’s out there making crazy good/bad games. Has anyone played this on the iPhone?

Here’s a trailer for the PSP game: