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10 PSN Games Not To Miss

Posted by on December 4th, 2009 | 5 Comments | Tags:

So you braved the early morning of Black Friday and you are now in possession of a brand new PS3. You want to try something out on it from the PlayStation Network, right? Well look no further, we are helping you out by picking our favorite titles on PSN. I have included direct links to buy titles that are on Amazon, so you don’t even have to fire up your PS3.

David’s Picks

Droplitz: This is an underrated puzzle game that is quite fun and original. Great for all you action-puzzle enthusiasts. (Read Our Review)
3 on 3 NHL Arcade: This is a great local multiplayer game, there’s really nothing better. Easy to get into, regardless of you’re a hockey fan or not. I’m not, and neither are my friends, and we still all love it. NHL Blitz, in a smaller form.
Flower: This is an original experience that you’ll either love or won’t. It’s worth buying just to take that chance, simply because it’s a beautiful experience.
Super Stardust HD | Solo Pack: Your eyes will melt as this gorgeous shooter keeps you addicted for quite some time. Skip the multiplayer add-on and go for the Solo Pack, whose modes are even better than the base game. (Read Our Review – PSP Version)
PixelJunk Monsters | Encore: The best tower defense game on any console, period. Though I do prefer the PSP version, the PSN version is still plenty awesome and cheaper to boot. Buy this immediately. (Read Our Review)

Chris’ Picks

Critter Crunch: The visuals in the game are great, awesome HD hand-drawn animations. This puzzler has a lengthy “campaign” plus online multiplayer. A great game to play with your friends too, since it has both Co-op and Versus play. (Read Our Review)
Shatter: A retake on the old brick breaking genre. The boss battles make this game one not to miss for sure. It also has what I think are the best leaderboards on PSN. (Read Our Review)
WipEout HD: Another visual showcase for you PS3. If you were ever a fan of arcade racing games, be sure not to miss this. This game also features an online mode for more racing fun.
Everyday Shooter: One of the most unique titles on PSN. If you are a fan of twin stick shooters and music you will love this game. Each level is a different song and each song has a different way to play. Check this video out to see what I mean. This game is also on the PSP if you want it on the go.
PixelJunk Eden | Encore: The 2nd of the PixelJunk games. I really love the music in this title. Some may find the “platforming” hard, but the latest patch seems to address that. Visually one of my favorite PSN titles. If you really enjoy this game, be sure to grab the Encore add-on as well.

What games would you recommend to someone who just got a PS3?