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Critter Crunch Code Giveaway!

Posted by on October 22nd, 2009 | 59 Comments | Tags: ,

The awesome guys at Capybara Games have given us 4 codes to giveaway for Critter Crunch. This challenge won’t be an easy one, as you have to answer one of four trivia questions to get the code. I will post the questions once the Demo goes live on the North American store. It may just help you answer them 😉

In the mean time read our review for Critter Crunch and hang out.


  • Post the answer to one of the questions in this thread.
  • The first person to answer the question gets the code.
  • 1 code per person.
  • 2 questions will go up as soon as the Demo is on the store, I will also post a notice on twitter.
  • The other 2 questions will go up tomorrow at Noon (pst).

Good luck to all!


What is Hank Hudson’s nature show called?

What modes are available in the Demo?

Don’t look so sad, we are giving out 2 more codes tomorrow at Noon (PST)


What is the name of the island that Critter Crunch takes place on?

What are the scientific names of Biggs, and the Critters?

Thanks for playing everyone, I will email the winners the codes now.