PSNStores Rocking Your Stocking: Day 2

Posted by on December 20th, 2011 | 60 Comments | Tags: ,

Open your advent calendar, it is day 2 of PSNStores Rocking Your Stocking! It is time to announce our first winner. As you probably guessed the game we were giving out was PixelJunk Sidescroller.

Winner (as chosen by Random.org): mozgu

Now lets get to today’s giveaway: Dungeon Defenders. We have 2 vouchers to give out for this great tower defense and rpg mash-up. For a chance to win today I want to know what two genres you would like to see combined?

Good luck!

  • Hannah

    Sports and puzzle.

  • Michaelbe

    Tower-defense & WW2 Shooter 🙂

  • Knight613

    Driving + RPG

  • Trevor

    Rpg and sports

  • mozgu

    Thanks 🙂 And… arcade racing + music game

  • Fr1zzank

    Tower defense and dating sim!

    Defend against a woman’s attacks to your insecurities and foibles, while launching a counter assault against her standards and better judgment!

  • mowmow

    real time sim with hack n slash like shogun total war diplomacy and tactics and being able to go real time to command your leaders like dynasty warrior but oh please smarter ai

  • Ibrahim

    MMORPG and Music genre!! EPIC!!

  • BloodEmblem

    MMO + Shooter (Oh boy)

    • Eric G

      me too, can’t wait for Planetside 2!

  • natemike

    Platformer and Puzzle

  • kmriku

    RPG + puzzle

  • ifhd


  • Jaime

    Sports+Infinite Runner

  • Milkncooke

    Hack-and-slash + rhythm

  • flamingcarrot

    Rhythm Action + Flight Simulation

  • Waqas Moughal

    Tower Defense + Action/Adventure (little bit of platforming involved).

    Like Brutal Legend, you had the the A/A part then the create your troops part. What I would is keep the Tower Defense mantra, but take it vertical (hence the platforming part). Rather than be horizontal based and grid format as most are, go vertical, add different options to protect your “Lair”, but the thing is, to get to certain points to take advantage you better skill on those jumps, and time it right, make it get rewarded, if not enemies take hold and start their advancement.

  • Tizoc789

    RPG and err ‘money management’ (best way I can put it. Basically you play a normal RPG but with the added option of managing money via running a business like you can craft weapons and sell it, etc.)

  • felipe manrique

    crystal defenders =O

  • Echoblade

    Two genres that should be mixed… City building and platforming, just imagine the city being built up by a random player as you are jumping about the city mirrors edge style /ballin

  • Tim Russell

    Tower defense + music rhythm

  • Deadside

    Beat ’em up and RPG.

  • RPG+Rhythm games

    How cool would that be? :3

  • Noby

    Sports (wrestling) and MMO Make the Jeff Gerstmann dream happen!!

  • Strike


    survival horror+ mmo

  • Sieghardt

    Platform + music