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It was kind of odd how excited I was for Yu-Gi-Oh! to finally come to PSN. Sure I have played other card games on the Network before, I mean I think I put something close to 50 hours into Elemental Monster Online Card Game, but nothing is like your first card game. And when I was growing up that was Yu-Gi-Oh, which is why I was so disappointed in how this game turned out.

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Decade Duels Plus is a card game based around the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime, Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s. Apparently the 5D’s stand for 5 legendary dragons which I am sure followers of the show know all about. This isn’t the Yu-Gi-Oh! I remember, but even though there have probably been thousands of rule changes since I last played a game of Yu-Gi-Oh! I still picked up right where I left off.

I don’t want to get too technical about how each duel is handled but the basics are you take turns fighting each other with Monsters that you summon into battle. There are numerous ways to do this, like fusions, rituals, synchros, tributing… It gets complex pretty quick. The game does offer up a tutorial, but it is rather slow and dry. I got bored with it rather quickly so I basically just went off my memory from playing the game back in middle school. I hope you also like getting asked if you want to do this tutorial because every single time you start a new tournament it asks if you want to do it. Even after defeating both of the main characters from the show it still asked me. It is beyond frustrating that I have to do this every time I want to play.

Besides monsters there are the ever popular Trap and Spell cards. If there is on thing I love to do, it is to activate a trap card. But this game makes it a chore to do really. During a match each section of your turn is divided into phases. Draw, Standby, Main, Battle and if you happen to have any cards placed down on your board the game will ask you if you want to activate a card. This really drags the pace of game down. It seems that probably 80% of your duel will be selecting Yes or No during one of these pop-ups. This isn’t the only problem with pacing the game has though. Unlike Magic where you can pause the game pretty much at any time and read effects of cards, your competitors when playing single player will rapid-fire lay about seven cards while summoning five monsters on the field leaving you scratching your head and in a daze.

It doesn’t help that your starting deck in this game is extremely weak. It is so weak it almost lead me to believe that it was weak to the point that you are almost forced to buy some of the game’s DLC booster packs or structure decks. Sadly which I ended up doing. While you can earn cards from dueling, it is based off how well you do. Throughout the duel you are scored and for every 20 points you earn a card is given to you when you win or lose. The thing here being when you lose, you are probably only getting 20-30 points. So you can either lose hundreds of games praying that the Heart of the Cards gives you some excellent luck in this crap-shoot or you can pay.

One thing that I really didn’t like about the DLC was that it really didn’t give you any clue to what you were buying. Sure I could understand if these were just random booster packs, but from checking a few Yu-Gi-Oh! sites it seems that the packs are all themed around someone you play against. What is even worse is that it doesn’t tell you what cards are in Structure Decks. Sure booster packs are one thing, but pre-built decks should give you at least a small hint at what you are buying. I am sorry but, “Structure Deck 02- A card deck for Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Decade Duels Plus” just doesn’t cut it.

Playing against other players is another big draw to card games. You want to see how the deck that you crafted using the game’s deck creator matches up against what others have made. It would be one feature that would keep me coming back to the game, but Decade Duels Plus has some of the worst net code I have seen on PSN in quite some time. The lobby system is totally busted, games have frozen before they even start, random disconnects at random points in battle, all of these things happened to me not once, but all of the time. It is really sad because it is quite fun to play the “Tag Duel” system they have set up, a 2 on 2 battle where you take turns all using the same field. Besides the connection problems I also had a lot of lag while playing this game. So much so that it took upwards of 1 hour to complete just one simple tag duel. But the broken lobbies really take the cake here. From what I could tell, not only do they not hide lobbies which are full, but there are also expired lobbies present in the list. It seems totally random when you get in one that works and then when you finally think you are about to start playing… your old friend disconnect error appears.

I can say all of these things, but the sad fact is Yu-Gi-Oh! fans like me will still deal with all of these issues just to play a game that they really love. Sure there is slowdown, annoying prompts, weak starting decks, but in the end it is still Yu-Gi-Oh. The core gameplay that makes the card game so fun is still there, though hidden behind these issues.

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General Info

  • Sometimes the games moves too fast
  • Sometimes it is too slow
  • Broken net code
  • First deck makes winning really hard
  • Terrible DLC item descriptions

  • Chris

    Favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! booster pack? Mine: Metal Raiders. Dat Barrel Dragon

  • Nevermind the game’s faults. Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds Decade Duels Plus is a must-play for ANY fan of Yu-Gi-Oh.

    • Chris

      Which is what it boils down to sadly 🙁

  • Elle

    Someone didn’t give their whole heart into the cards.

  • Elle

    Magician’s Force dat Dark Magician Girl and Diffusion Wave-Motion.

  • As much as I hate this game, I still put crazy amounts of time into it and beating Jack Atlus was the highlight of my week.

    • Chris

      Yea he pulls some real bs with having like 4 dragons summoned in 1 turn

    • I make jack Atlas my b*tch daily…. no buying all the DLC has nothing to do with it.

  • Proud

    I’m so happy I beat jack atlus 1st time I thought I was screwed when it was the final round and he some how summoned a 5headed dragon out of no where.

    • Chris

      Yea that card is all kinds of bs

  • Vandalizer25

    I hate how i played the game in my cousins PS3 system but when i went to play on my own, i didnt have any of the cards i won and had to start over, but besides that this is a really good game…… I hope they put duelist of the Roses on PSN, that one is deff my favorite one.

  • jhon

    As a hardcore yugioh fan I lost the first 2 games of the tournament and next round I won all 3 games.. the game is not that hard people should stop complaining, 80% of the cards you get are from the same old yugioh

    • *Super~Sayian*

      no the difficulty increases each tournament you win. I notified that after my first 3 tournament victories. by the time i reached my 5th i was forced to buy dlc cards. no matter how hardcore a yugioh fan is. that intro deck will get out classed eventually. the remover deck and plant deck always corners me.

  • AshenEdict

    I personally feel your rating of 2/5 is completely unfair, given that you did absolutely no research on the newer tactics and fault it for being confusing/complex when all that can be cleared up by a simple Google Search. Also, the turns were broken down into phases even back in the old school, pre-Synchro monsters, era. I will agree that an option should be provided for removing some “yes/no” pop-ups, however it would be essential for beginners to learn to keep track of all their cards. Based off of your review, I’d be more willing to give this game a 4/5. Sorry

  • kyle

    i play on psn and i cant seem to stop all these pop up helpers everytime a pahse is begining middle and end the same thing pops up over and over until i finaly get rid of that card. thats not right. i shouldnt be getting bombarded with the same damn message and pushed so far i take those cards out of my decks. is thei a way to stop those pop ups. i looked online and i cant get an answer.

    • *Super~Sayian*

      Yea thats what I did, take out all the cards out that brought out that mandatory helper indicator. but only when I duel computer. cause in vs online multiplayer those cards are needed. like scapegoat or book of moon

  • *Super~Sayian*

    I was greatly disappointed with the game. i see now why it was so cheap.. BUT despite its overwhelming flaws i still play it simply cause its on the tv/ps3. sure my yugioh WC 2011 will be 1000x better. but the fact its a handheld will always be its drawback.

  • The Fox King

    My two biggest gripes with the game are the cards given after a duel.

    1) If your going to put a limit on the number of a specific card I have in my trunk, then don’t continue to give me copies of the thing once it’s maxed out.

    2) If you’re going to cap the number of cards I can get after a duel at 15, then don’t make the scores run that d**n high, it irks me that I can get a score of 500 and still be given only 15 cards.

    As for complaints about the complexity, guys, there is an offer for training and examples of new concepts before you even start dueling….that being said…it doesn’t need to be offered EVERYTIME I start up another tournament.

  • Dimitri

    Personally, I got the game when I first saw it on the PSN Store. And as mentioned you start off with a bad deck but with a pack or two (we’re not living in the stone ages here, there is google to find out the contents of the DLC) it can really give you a decent edge to start off in. Once you catch onto how to maximize the amount of cards you can get per duel and make your deck stronger the duels will come easier for you. Just the one problem is that you will always run on luck when it comes to getting the cards you get after the duel.

    Can’t comment about online but I’ve heard it’s incredibly slow and there’s no penalty for quitting a game. In the end it’s a Yu-Gi-Oh! game based on increasing difficulty and grinding.

  • spike

    Need to put a trade system