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Review: Rock Boshers DX Director’s Cut

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Rock Boshers DX originally released early on in the life of the PlayStation Mobile platform. It stuck out to me as one of the only games I’ve ever played that set out to replicate the look and feel of a ZX Spectrum and also of course because it came from the developer of Aqua Kitty. Rock Boshers DX Director’s Cut includes redone music, new levels, a new final boss, and new unlockable arcade games including a really cool Aqua Kitty de-make.

The core gameplay remains the same as the original PlayStation Mobile game. This new version does fix the only problem I had with the PSM version in that it would periodically pause for half at second seemingly at random. This is now gone as the game runs perfectly. The game is still fun and challenging as I mentioned in my original review and the new final boss certainly lives up to the challenges that come before it.

Gathering the collectibles in the game now unlocks special arcade games that are each rather different. One of these in particular is an Aqua Kitty de-make, in which you protect a single mining tube from oncoming fish, that’s actually a lot of fun. It also helps that each of these arcade games have their own leaderboards attached to them. This updated version also includes a local multiplayer (1-4 players) mode in which you’ll play as Charles Darwin, Queen Victoria, Ada Lovelace, and Lewis Carroll. I didn’t get to play a ton of this mode, but it seemed like a pretty fun little distraction.

Rock Boshers DX Director’s Cut brings lots of new content and even got rid of the only complaint I had with the original game. Whether you grew up with a ZX Spectrum or, like me, you’ve never seen one I think there’s a lot of great stuff here. It might be difficult for some to get used to the graphics at first, but when you do you’ll find a really fun game with some excellent music. It’s also just super cool to see a game that sticks so faithfully to something like the ZX Spectrum.

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