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Review: Organ Trail

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Ah, the fond memories of playing Oregon Trail in school. One of the few video games that was considered educational back in the day. Zombies, radiation, guts and gore…. Oh wait this isn’t Oregon Trail. Yep that’s right, this isn’t your dad’s Oregon Trail that you might have played back in the day, but instead welcome to the wonderfully twisted Organ Trail.

While on the surface it may just look like a re-skin of the the classic 1971 DOS game, Organ Trail adds a lot of new and interesting elements that you may have seen from The Walking Dead and The Last of Us. The name of the game is survival and how you are going to overcome the many obstacles ranging from dysentery to fending off biker bandits and zombie bites. Organ Trail is surprisingly deep but simple and easy to pick up.

There are a lot of things to do such as going to the nearest auto shop to repair or upgrade your vehicle, managing your four fellow survivors’ health and deciding who gets put down if bitten by a zombie or suffering from an incurable disease. This would normally sound really bleak and depressing but this is the wacky world of Organ Trail and there is lots of laughs to be had.

The only thing I didn’t like very much is the combat which looks like it should be very simple and easy to control, but instead it feels really clunky and obtuse. Lining up rifle shots can be difficult at first but once you get used to the controls it’s not so bad. The combat does feel tense while you’re out and about looking for supplies as ammo is very limited.

As this is a homage to a 1971 DOS PC game, graphics are very retro and simple but it has its own flavor to it too. The color palette used is great, its nice and bright and not hard to see the text or anything else. The audio is also surprisingly very good and loud and adds a lot to the atmosphere. I had great fun with Organ Trail and it’s a great pick up and play title that you can play for five minutes or a few hours.

It has the resource management of a X-Com game, zombies, a ton of fun mini games such as fishing, a job board with missions that reward you with food or ammo, and an endless horde mode (complete with silly humor too). All in all, it’s a perfect all around package for only $9.99 that you can’t go wrong with.

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  • Combat feels sluggish