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Review: Fortix

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A take on the classic Qix formula, Fortix is a game where you must recapture the kingdom. There are two things that you will notice upon starting the game up, the long waits for loading and saving and the game’s simplistic art-style. While I am not saying the art is bad, it is just nothing to write home about. The loading is definitely something which is off-putting. I just didn’t expect a minis title to have such long loads, especially after seeing what the game has to offer.

The main enemy that you will be fighting against are the cannon towers guarding each castle. You will begin to hate these almost immediately. When you don’t have any of them destroyed it is a slow crawl across the map. The cannon’s AI is not that hard to outsmart, but since there are usually enough of them it just seems that you are making smaller and smaller squares just to inch across the battlefield. But it is smooth sailing after they are gone, as all the other enemies can be disposed of quickly. The game offers 4 difficulty levels, but all they change are the number of lives that you start with.

Fortix came out at a great time for minis titles, launch week— well at least for Europe. During that time many people probably were probably just buying titles to try out the service. Fortix while not bad, just seems like it needed more time in the cooker. There is a certain level of polish that seems to be lacking.

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General Info

  • Players:
  • This game likes to save and load a lot.
  • Hard to tell sometimes when you are on the border.
  • Enemies are more of a nuisance than a challenge.