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Review: Floating Cloud God Saves The Pilgrims In HD

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When Chris reviewed the original Minis version of Floating Cloud God Saves The Pilgrims, he gave it a lovely 4/5, calling it ‘something fresh for shooter fans’. With the game’s entertainingly symbiotic relationship between the titular characters, in the sense that the adorable little deity worshipers help your powers gain in strength, it provided a fun twist on side-scrolling shooters. That, combined with the stellar art, made a game that felt like great value for the price it came in at. For a paltry £2.99, only £0.50 more than the original peasant’s resolution version, you can now save your followers in HD. Or at least as close to HD as the Vita’s screen comes.

The game’s art looks luscious on the Vita’s screen, with the colour palate shining through as you journey through the various seasons. However, there’s a key feature of the Vita that comes in even more useful, when you compare the game to its minis incarnation. The second analogue stick. Shooting becomes less of a hassle, turning the game into something of a twin stick shoot em up, albeit with a limited range. It helps the pace of each level feel livelier, as you zip around taking aim with more precision, although it does lessen the importance of bombs. Either way, that second stick is a godsend.

The rest of the game is seemingly identical to its minis counterpart. Everything is intact, with the bosses still providing a refreshing change of pace from the main levels. Figuring out their weaknesses, and exploiting them, is still extremely fun. It’s still the best part of each world, but the main jaunts are still nonetheless entertaining. Unfortunately, the minis versions’ key complaint has also made it over to the Vita. There’s still no way to replay individual levels, you’re going to have to replay whole worlds in order to rectify your godly misjudgements. That does lessen the replay value somewhat, but only if you’re a perfectionist.

Floating Cloud God Saves The Pilgrims was an excellent mini. Floating Cloud God Saves The Pilgrims In HD is an excellent Vita title. While it doesn’t attempt to fix the main flaw from the minis version, there’s still a fun game here to keep you entertained, and at a good price too. Heck, even by the virtue of simply being on the Vita, it plays better than its previous version. I’m all for reincarnation, if this is the end result.

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  • Cannot replay individual stages