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Review: Floating Cloud God Saves The Pilgrims

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Floating Cloud God Saves The Pilgrims is not your ordinary 2D horizontal shoot’em up. Other than having a ridiculously long name—I will give it to them though it isn’t quite the tongue twister that is The 2D Adventures of Rotating Octopus Character—Save The Pilgrims offers up something fresh for shooter fans. Inside you will find a game that is all about the relationship between the titular God and Pilgrims.

It is quite obvious from the title that these pilgrims are on a journey, this time from right to left. It is your goal as a guardian deity to preserve the life and happiness of your worshipers. This is a key to the gameplay. As you pilgrims march forward through the stages without regard for all sorts of Japanese cryptids it is your job to shoot the living crap out of them (sometimes literally). The catch is shooting drains your cloud power, this is where the pilgrims come in. Wracking up combos makes their love for you grow. And by absorbing this love, makes you a more powerful God able to rain down destruction on all sorts of Oni that are trying their best to kill your poor pilgrims.

The controls here are super simple, which is for the best. The D-Pad moves your God around while pressing X fires out a highly classified cloud to air high energy weapon. You also have bombs, which can be used by pressing O. The real task here is knowing when to use each weapon. As your God is invincible, I mean what kind of God isn’t, you will need to find the best strategy for each type of enemy. Also do to the fact that the more pilgrims you have, the more powerful you can be there may be certain occasions where you may need to kamikaze your way into enemies. That way you will only lose what ever power you have and not an actual pilgrim.

The game has some rather well designed bosses that you will face across the trek through 7 different worlds. Each world has a different theme, mostly based on the different seasons, but there are some caves and even a meteor shower to enjoy. But the real fun comes into finding out a way to defeat each boss. While I don’t want to give anything away, fighting each boss is where I had the most fun with the game.

There are some small things that I could nitpick, like how there is no way to go back and play each individual stage. You have to play from the start of each world. But really for something that is this well made and only costs $3, I can let it slide. Dakko Dakko have once again come to the decrepit Bank of Minis and cashed in some gold.

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General Info

  • Not much replay value
  • Currently unable to play this on my Vita