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Review: Edge

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It depresses me that the main thing EDGE will often be remembered for is the legal battle that surrounded the original release of the game on the iPhone. However, now that the beast known as Tim Langdell has been slain, Mobigame seems intent on placing it’s addictive little puzzler on every device with a control input. And now, it’s the turn of the minis platform to receive the dose of puzzling fun that is EDGE.

At its heart, EDGE is a simple game. You have direct control over a block, and are tasked with moving it into various positions on various levels of increasingly more complex layouts, in order to collect little coloured shards, and make it to the end of the level with as many of them as possible. Of course, there are a variety of obstacles in your way, such as blocks that push you along the level, and eventually of the edges of the same levels, along with platforms that disappear from under your block, forcing you to chart a precise course through various levels.

It certainly doesn’t hinder matters that EDGE is a joy to look at, with clean, precise lines and a calming colour palette that make each level an almost transcendental experience. The soundtrack is also extremely appealing, with the retro styled beats fitting with the game’s style in an extraordinary manner, creating a wonderful fusion of art and sound. However, if you’re planning on playing EDGE on a PS3, It would only be fair to warn you that the game does have rather an odd graphical issue on PS3, with blocks sometimes being ill defined, leading to me not being able to tell where a platform was, as it was difficult to determine whether the block I was intending to move to was on the correct plane as my block, which is exactly as fun as it sounds.

The fact remains that EDGE is a fantastic game, and is certainly one of the best minis yet, with great graphics and sound serving to only further the fact that this puzzler is addictive and well worth the asking price.

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General Info

  • Occasional graphical issues on PS3