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Review: Brainpipe

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These screens are from the PC Version

Brainpipe is unique to say the least. It reminds me of a Jeff Minter game, well at least the visuals are very trippy. I am always up for playing something a little different and this definitely hits that sort of note.

When you first boot the game up you will immediately see that this game is different. Your traditional menu is absent, instead you are looking at five eyeballs, who are just staring at you. Each of these eyeballs is a different option, just choose the first one if you wanna jump into a game. If you do venture to a different one, there isn’t much you can do. The “options” eyeball only has three things you can change (music and sfx volume, and whether you want to invert your y-axis) and there is also one that acts as a tutorial.

So now to the actual game. What you have to do is simple; move through the level and expand your mind collect glyphs. There are ten levels for you to play and each of them cranks up the speed and difficulty. I did enjoy the fact that the levels were randomly generated, otherwise I think I would have lost interest early on. So that is pretty much it.

This game works really well if you like a game that is all about highscores. But I think that it may be a bit too hard for some players who just wanna pick up and play. The analog nub is just not responsive enough for accurate control and there is no way to slow the movement speed down. That being said, this game is still worth checking out if you just want something to kill time.

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General Info

  • Controls are too fast and the camera is hard to control.
  • The game locked-up on me a few times.
  • The difficulty may make it so some players won't see all the levels.