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PSNStores Podcast 117

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Email us your questions about PSN games, Vita heavens, Fanfics or teach us how to speak Spanish: podcast@psnstores.com

In this episode… The ‘Nauts wrecking crew is back, Curtis enters the soul cloud, and Eric’s PS3 dies due to white bean dip.

Shooter Ultimate
Galak-Z Vita
Rocketbirds 2
PlayStation Home is getting trophies (Submit your own PS Home trophies!)
Costume Quest 2
Gone Home
Destiny of Spirits coming this month
New Yu-Gi-Oh! game
New SOMA teaser trailer
Guacamelee coming to PS4
Is the Wii U dead?

What we’ve been playing
Awesomenauts: Assemble!
TowerFall Ascension
Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition
Master Reboot
South Park Stick of Truth
Rain (RIP Eric’s PS3)
Don’t take a week break from Don’t Starve

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