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PSNStores Podcast 112

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Email us your questions about PSN games, Vita heavens, Fanfics or teach us how to speak Spanish: podcast@psnstores.com

On this week’s episode Brad’s 5 sec reviews returns, Eric doesn’t like TLOU, Spelunky is our GOTY (not), and Curtis goes on a Bible quest.

The Rundown
Brads review of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z
Bad PSN Names
ESRB Watch
Don’t Starve
Adam’s Venture Chronicles
Grand Sun: R.Y.E.Z.
The Last of Us
Edging in Smash/Snaking in Mario Kart
Thomas Was Alone
Rust Buccaneers
What is the PSNStores Game of the Year?
What game is still on Eric’s Vita?

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