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Deadly Premonition Quick Listens

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Welcome to a new feature on PSNStores.com. Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut recently released and I want to do something a little novel to spotlight it. Every time I boot up the game and play it for a while, I’ll record a quick audio blurb talking about the plot progression and other game elements. I’ll update this page with new episodes each time they get uploaded. I make no effort to hide the fact that the idea is inspired by Dale Cooper’s tapes from the show Twin Peaks. I’m pretty sure Deadly Premonition takes some inspiration from Twin Peaks, too, so it’s all good.

From time to time I may record footage of the game, but I’m of the opinion that there’s something more interesting about listening to this rather than watching another YouTube Let’s Play. Keep an eye on our feeds for updates on this feature, and I hope you enjoy listening along with me as I play through Deadly Premonition!

Questions, comments, suggestions, etc. should be sent to podcast@psnstores.com

Download Links

Episode 1 (May 5th 2013 – 16:46)
Episode 2 (May 7th 2013 – 16:58)
Episode 3 (May 8th 2013 – 18:10)
Episode 4 (May 8th 2013 – 18:45)
Episode 5 (May 11th 2013 – 11:45)
Episode 6 (May 13th 2013 – 20:20)
Episode 7 (May 14th 2013 – 21:34)
Episode 8 (May 19th 2013 – 19:27)
Episode 9 (May 23rd 2013 – 19:23)

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