Collin & Curtis In The Morning: Episode 64 – 2017 Prediction Challenge

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Collin & Curtis are back for a new year and they’ve got predictions for all sorts of video games in 2017.

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How many returning characters will appear/name dropped in Resident Evil 7? Name them.

How many combined minutes of Death Stranding footage will be shown?

Call of Duty: Past, Present, or Future

PlayStation Plus: VR Added, PS3/Vita Removed, Knack?

How many total games will be added to the PlayStation Now library? PSOne or PS2 added?

How many Owl City songs will appear in New Hot Shots Golf

Fill in the blank: “Metal Gear Survive will include at least one _____”

Sonic 2017’s trailer asks us to “Join the Resistance”. How many characters will be part of the Resistance in the game?

The very first thing we see from Dreams in 2017 will be from what game genre?

Mega Man will jump X number of times in all combined trailers/teases in 2017?

Personal Predictions

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