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PSNStores 2015 Game of the Year Awards: Day One

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The PSNStores Podcats spent three hours last week debating 13 different categories for our 2015 Game of the Year awards. Today brings our first three awards: Best Story, Best Soundtrack, and the newest addition “Charmingest, Charming, Charmer”. Check out the videos below to see our choices, come back tomorrow for more awards, and stay tuned for a full Game of the Year Podcast later in the week.

Tomorrow: Best Visuals, Best Multiplayer, and Collin’s Top 5 Games of 2015

Charmingest, Charming, Charmer

Grow Home is our charmer. It sucked the editors into numerous hours of world building, connecting vines to energy for our space plant to grow to the heavens. The sheer sense of scale is palpable by the end game, and the charming progress is truly measurable. Everything in this game has charm. From the charming animals to the charming plants to the charming robot; Bud. Even though this category is half sarcastic, our love of the charming Grow Home is serious. Go spend some time in this title. Even the PSN Universe were captivated by its charm by voting into the one and only PS+ Vote to Play promotion we’ve ever had.

Runners-Up: Hatoful Boyfriend, Citizens of Earth

Best Story

Life is Strange from January to October of 2015 kept us waiting with bated breath to see what twists and turns each new episode would bring. While Max and Chloe’s friendship drove the core of the story forward, there were still a handful of really interesting plot-lines that lead to hours of discussion. Life is Strange tackles subject matter that doesn’t usually appear in games and it handles them each with the care that they deserve. Life is Strange took us on a roller coaster of emotions that’s sure to keep us talking for a long time to come.

Runners-Up: The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, Lost Orbit

Best Soundtrack

We love Life is Strange. We believe that one of the most important pillars of this game’s success was its soundtrack. It wasn’t so much for the choice of songs but the way music was used so effectively in this title to evoke emotion from the player. From the very first scene when you walked through the hallway listening to your headphones to the ending, the music of Life is Strange added a sense of realism to its world. Its soundtrack punctuated almost everything, often times devastatingly. Have a listen while you water your house plants.

Runners-Up: The Talos Principle, Starwhal