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Commander Cherry’s Puzzled Journey Makes You Move

Posted by on February 12th, 2015 | 1 Comment | Tags: ,

Self proclaimed “yoga-action-platformer” Commander Cherry’s Puzzled Journey will make you kick your couch to the curb. It will also raise an eyebrow or two, especially after watching the trippy gameplay video of a horse-headed, blue onesie-wearing human being (?) striking poses to play a game.

Commander Cherry uses the PS4 camera to capture photos of you contorting your body, then casts them as platforms for the game’s eponymous hero to climb all over. The game will release sometime in 2015 from Grandé Games, a developer based in Stuttgart, Germany. Is this experimental meta-gaming something you’re interested in?

My Thoughts

Color me intrigued. We haven’t seen a camera-based game since Kung-Fu Live, which wasn’t great but was still rather fun to mess around with. I’m still a bit put off by the trailer’s narrator…