Minecraft: PlayStation Vita Edition Tops 100,000 Downloads In Japan

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While promoting the game on Twitter, Sony’s Japanese PlayStation Store team has revealed that the PS Vita version of Mohjang’s imagination incubator has surpassed over 100,000 downloads since its October 29th launch:

While that might not seem like a lot (especially when compared to other versions of the game) it’s important to note that this is just one region of the world. Even more importantly, it’s one region of the world where physical distribution is still the undisputed king for traditional games. Minecraft on PlayStation is currently PSN-only in Japan.

To try to provide some perspective, the physical and download sales of Terraria on PS3 and Vita hit over 400,000 copies as of last month in Japan. The PS3 version of Terraria launched over there in May 2013, with the Vita version having launched this past February.