UPDATE: Ratings Watch: SNK Fighters And The Return Of Suikoden II

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The South Korean ratings board has let it out that SNK Playmore is planning a digital re-release of Samurai Shodown VI, The King of Fighters ’98 Ultimate Match, and The King of Fighters XI. The trio of fighters are listed as being published by Sony Computer Entertainment Korea. Although no platforms are attached, all three were once released on the PS2. Usually I’d say that’s a surefire sign these will only be available on PS3 through the PS2 Classics line, but these ratings came in a package with one for Metal Slug 3, a different SNK Playmore title that is getting a native release on PS4, Vita and PS3.

North America’s ESRB put up a new listing for Suikoden II on PS Vita, PS3 and PSP as a PSone Classic. Fans shouldn’t get too excited though, Konami’s critically acclaimed RPG has appeared on the ESRB Watch in the past and the game’s numerous technical issues are thought to prevent a re-release.

UPDATE: The PS2 versions of Samurai Shodown VI, The King of Fighters ’98 Ultimate Match and Metal Slug 3 have gone live on the PlayStation Store in Japan. As expected of the PS2 Archives/Classics, the games are only playable on PS3. In addition to that trio of games, this week also saw the additions of Ape Escape 3 and Grandia II to the collection.

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