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ESRB Watch: Suikoden II

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Konami’s Suikoden is largely considered to be one of the essential JRPG series on the PlayStation, and its successor. The franchise is known for its excellence in world building, as well as rich narratives filled with political intrigue. So it came as a shock to many to find out that one of the most well received entries, Suikoden II, was unavailable for purchase from the PlayStation Store when the first has been up since 2008. With high after market prices for the original disc version, the unavailability of the sequel on PSN made it very difficult for new or returning players to experience the game legally.

Well, it looks that is about to change. The ESRB has put out a rating for Suikoden II on PlayStation 3. Interestingly, it’s sandwiched between TNN Motorsports Hardcore TR, and Gunship; two already released PSone Classics title. While the listing for Suikoden II only mentions PS3, the latter two games are at an odds with one another. TNN lists both PlayStation handhelds, while Gunship only mentions compatibility with Sony’s eldest portable. In reality, both games can be downloaded directly from the PlayStation Store on Vita. This leads me to believe that the Suikoden II platform listing is just an error, and that the game will be joining the PSone Classics section, so those wanting to take the game on the go shouldn’t fret for now.

Suikoden II was originally released for the PlayStation in 1998 in Japan with a North American release following the next year. The game takes place years after the original, and sees players caught in the midst of an invasion of the City States of Jowston by the hands of the Kingdom of Highland.

UPDATE: The ESRB listing for Suikoden II has been removed. Was it a mistake, or would Konami rather announce it themselves? Only time will tell.

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