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Hamster Starts Feature Phone Appli Archives Series On PlayStation Mobile

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Earlier this year, Hamster Corporation delivered classic coin-op gaming to the PlayStation 4 with the Arcade Archives program, and now they’re aiming their sights at Vita. Announced during this week’s PlayCommunity (Japanese equivalent to the PlayStation Blog) live stream, the Appli Archives series will bring feature phone games to PlayStation Mobile. The initial lineup consists of 42 games:


  1. Duologue (NIS, pictured right)
  2. Slitherlink Dossari Pack (Nikoli)
  3. Escape Game ① (Idac)
  4. Mini-Game Pack ① (NIS)
  5. Escape Game ② (Idac)
  6. Burger Time (G-Mode, pictured left)
  7. Crossword Dossari Pack (Nikoli)
  8. Pairon Mobile ① (Extreme)
  9. Last Island (Team Rise)
  10. Escape Game ③ (Idac)
  11. Karate Spirit (G-Mode)
  12. Deserter’s 2DX (AlphaNuts)
  13. Minna no Yabou Neo (Boosim Lab)
  14. Pairon Mobile ② (Extreme)
  15. Mini-Game Pack ② (NIS)
  16. Voyage History of Meridia (Team Rise)
  17. Mar Oukoku no Ningyou-Hime: Tenshi ga Kanaderu Ai no Uta (NIS)
  18. Escape Game ④ (Idac)
  19. NeoDeserter’s (AlphaNuts)
  20. Pairon Mobile ③ (Extreme)
  21. Voyage History of Meridia 2+ (Team Rise)
  22. Escape Game ⑤ (Idac)
  23. Voyage History of Jipania (Team Rise)
  24. Pairon Mobile ④ (Extreme)
  25. Takusuku Fresh! (AlphaNuts)
  26. Shinsetsu Sheltering Cry (Team Rise)
  27. Escape Game ⑥ (Idac)
  28. HumanFly (Team Rise)
  29. Little Princess i (NIS)
  30. Pairon Mobile ⑤ (Extreme)
  31. Mini-Game Pack (Boosim Lab)
  32. Sheltering Cry 2 Gaiden (Team Rise)
  33. Escape Game ⑦ (Idac)
  34. CrimsonBlue (AlphaNuts)
  35. Shinsetsu Sheltering Cry 2 (Team Rise)
  36. Pairon Mobile ⑥ (Extreme)
  37. Pocket Catcher (Team Rise)
  38. NeoDeserter’s Lite (AlphaNuts)
  39. Escape Game ⑧ (Idac)
  40. Little Queen Monogatari (team Rise)
  41. Sheltering Cry 3 (Team Rise)
  42. Pairon Mobile ⑦ (Extreme)

Hamster hopes to release a different game each week.

While many of the Arcade Archives games (which has since expanded beyond the initial lineup we reported on) were originally released in English during their coin-op days, only Rygar has seen a western release on PS4. While putting out content globally on PlayStation Mobile is significantly easier than the traditional way, I don’t believe any of the games announced received a western mobile release.

I have to question the decision to release these through PlayStation Mobile, as it just limits discovery. While Hamster isn’t a huge publisher by any means, they definitely don’t fit the description of the usual PlayStation Mobile content provider. They’ve published games natively on PSP, PS3, PS Vita and PS4 at both retail and on the PlayStation Store, with the latter leading to a few global releases. Hamster did release Magic Arrows on the launch of PlayStation Mobile, but like most traditional game companies, they vanished shortly after.

[Via: Gematsu, Inside Games]