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Hamster and Nippon Ichi partner up to bring Arcade Archives to PS4

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The Japanese PlayStation Store has a treasure trove of quality retro games from the PlayStation, PlayStation 2, and even non-PlayStation platforms like the TurboGrafx-16, under the Game Archives banner. Channeling that same idea, Hamster Corporation, and Nippon Ichi Software have partnered up to bring a new arcade collection to PlayStation 4 in Japan. The games will support online leaderboards, as well as PS4’s various Share functions. Each of the twenty titles announced will cost 823yen.

Set for a spring launch:
Crazy Climber (1980) / Nichibutsu
Ninja-Kid’s Demon Castle Adventure (1984) / UPL
Rygar (1986) / Tecmo
Mat Mania – The Prowrestling Network (1985) / Technos Japan
Wonder Boy (1986) / Westone Bit Entertainment

Set for a summer launch:
Moon Cresta (1980) / Nichibutsu
Renegade (1986) / Technos Japan
Solomon’s Key (1986) / Tecmo
City Connection (1985) / Jaleco
Bomb Jack ( 1984 ) / Tecmo
NOVA2001 (1984) / UPL

Set for a fall launch:
Double Dragon (1987) / Technos Japan
Wonder Boy in Monster Land (1987) / Westone Bit Entertainment
Exerion (1983) / Jaleco
Terra Cresta (1985) / Nichibutsu
Raiders 5 (1985) / UPL
Syussei Oozumou (1984) / Technos Japan

Set for a winter launch:
Crazy Climber 2 (1988) / Nichibutsu
Butasan (1987) / Jaleco
Mag Max (1985) / Nichibutsu

While Hamster might not be a name you know, the company is serious about retro gaming. Just last month they announced a purchase of the rights to all of Nichibutsu’s software library. The arcade game maker produced over 400 titles. Games like Tecmo Koei’s Rygar suggests the Arcade Archives program will include releases beyond the libraries of Hamster and Nippon Ichi.

No western releases were announced, but this is obviously up the alley of a company like MonkeyPaw.

[Source: Famitsu]