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Action Runner Z-Run Release Dates Announced

Posted by on June 4th, 2014 | 4 Comments | Tags: ,

Developer Beatshapers has announced their zombie slasher for PS Vita Z-Run will be releasing June 18th in Europe, and June 24th in North America.

Z-Run thrusts you into a world that has been overrun with a virus that has changed people into flesh eating zombies. The game includes a story and survival mode. The story mode tasks your character with escaping the city one level at a time, while the survival mode tasks you to hold out as long as you can against the hoard of zombies, with the game increasing in difficulty as you progress.

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The game features two characters, three unique environments and twelve deadly weapons. The two characters, Alex and Clair, can be upgraded and customized with points earned from XP after completing a level. Some of the upgrades include increasing the characters health and reducing damage from zombies.

The stamina meter allows you to slide and evade zombies. It regenerates over time, but if you use it too much and too fast, then it will be much harder to stay away from the grasps of zombies.

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