PSM 2.0 SDK Drops Support For PlayStation Certified Devices

Posted by on May 13th, 2014 | 2 Comments | Tags: ,

The PlayStation Mobile 2.0 SDK will not support PlayStation Certified devices when it releases sometime this summer. This was announced on a PSM Dev Portal earlier last week. Developers will still have the option to support mobile devices by using the PSM 1.2 SDK.

While similar to the news recently that PSN leaderboard support was being dropped, it isn’t all bad. In the past developers could not specifically target the PlayStation Vita when making a game for PSM. For instance, the recently released Eufloria Adventures had to remove support for gamepad controls as it would force the on-screen controller to be overlaid when played on a PS Certified Device.

There is some fine print though if you are a developer. All games that were made on the 1.2 SDK will not be compatible with the 2.0 SDK. So they would have to be remade to work on this updated developer environment. It is also worth noting that if a developer wants to support the PS Vita TV, they will have to make their game with the 2.0 SDK or Unity for PSM architectures.

The PlayStation Mobile 2.0 SDK will release along with Unity for PSM later this summer.