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UPDATE: New Terraria Update Now Available To Solve v1.2 Issues

Posted by on May 20th, 2014 | 1 Comment | Tags: ,

Remember the giant Terraria 1.2 update that promised to bring the console version of the game closer to parity with the PC version? Well, it turns out that patch didn’t go through enough QA testing as shortly after release various bugs were found that hampered enjoyment. There were multiple reports of entire game worlds being deleted and various other glitches.

505 Games and Engine Software have announced that a patch to fix those bugs is now available on PS3 globally and on PS Vita in Europe. The team are waiting on confirmation from SCEA before releasing the Vita patch in North America. As such, cross-platform functionality won’t work properly due to the difference in game versions. Things will go back to normal when the Vita patch goes live. We’ll update this post once it does.

Since sending this patch to the platform holders for certification, the development team have discovered additional bugs. Those will be addressed in a future update. Player are encouraged to report any game issues here.

UPDATE: The Vita patch for North America is now available.

[Source: Terraria Online]