Finish Line Games reveals first footage of Cel Damage HD

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In a game preview with Electric Playground’s Jose Sanchez, Finish Line Games CEO Daniel Posner shows off his studio’s work on Cel Damage HD. The game is an HD remaster of 2001’s Cel Damage, a vehicular combat title originally developed by Pseudo Interactive for Electronic Arts on the Xbox, Gamecube, and PS2. Players enter a demolition derby in an attempt to get TV fame.

Cel Damage’s original release received high praise for its cel-shaded visual style, which the team at Finish Line is intending to keep intact. The game features 13 arena-style levels with 10 playable cars and more than 30 weapon power-ups. The HD remaster supports four-player split-screen play. The PS2 port of Cel Damage, entitled Cel Damage Overdrive, was released on PSN in 2012 as a PS2 Classic in Europe.

Cel Damage HD is set for release this spring on the PlayStation Network for PS3, PS4, and Vita. It will support Cross-Buy as well as Cross-Save.

[Source: EPN]
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