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Strange Loop Games finally bringing Vessel to PS3 on March 11th

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The studio head of Strange Loop Games John Krajewski has gone onto the PlayStation Blog this morning to announce Vessel is coming to PlayStation 3 on March 11th. Vessel is utilizing “full use of the PS3 hardware, using the distributed power of the SPUs and internal hardware to process huge amounts of liquid (both living and non-living) per frame.”

It’s a liquid-based puzzle platformer with “optimized liquid simulation featuring flowing water, scalding lava and steam, reactant chemicals, glowing goo, the mysterious ‘protoplasm,’ and more.” You’ll play as an inventor named Arkwright who’s inventions are causing quite the panic around the world. Called “fluros”, his living machines made out of liquid inhabit the entire game, taking on the form of creatures you’ll use to solve various puzzles. What I found more fascinating than that is something else Krajewski says about Vessel:

We’ve partnered with electronica artist Jon Hopkins (composer of the Monsters soundtrack, and renowned for his work with Brian Eno, Imogen Heap, and Coldplay), and we’ve integrated his tracks deep into the gameplay. As you begin to unlock a puzzle, the pieces of the soundtrack will unfold and layer on top of each other, really giving the feeling of bringing the world back to life. Jon’s brand of electronica fits the dark and mysterious mood of Vessel perfectly, and we’re really excited to present it in this form.

Strange Loop Games is also marketing the indie game in a new way by offering what they describe as a “Vessel turbine, containing a real live Fluro that responds to magnetic fields.” The liquid responds to the included magnet wrench to make the magic happen. You can buy this kid-unfriendly liquid filled schwag at their website and get a copy of the game on PS3 and Steam for PC included.

The History of Vessel

Chris first mentioned Vessel in a post dated August 2011, which contained the images being shown today on the PS Blog. In April 2013, I followed up his post with my own, announcing several games as updated by indiePub Games. That is when they told us that Strange Loop Games were self publishing Vessel. Here we are nearing the end of February 2014 with what looks to be the final post on this game and we are dripping with anticipation (pun intended).