Shawn Allen Walks Through First 30 Minutes of Treachery in Beatdown City

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We’ve been anticipating Treachery in Beatdown City since I first wrote about it back in March of 2013 with its first teaser trailer. In December, we relayed a message from developer Nu Challenger saying that the first episode of the game would be delayed until February 2014. Today, Shawn Allen has uploaded this walkthrough to the official Kickstarter featuring the first 30 minutes of gameplay which includes a detailed tutorial of the RPG fighting system, and explanation of how the game and its characters work.

The Treachery in Beatdown City Kickstarter campaign aims to raise $50,000 March 15th, 2014. It has currently raised $11k amongst 240 backers, leaving just 17 days to raise $39k. The game will be delivered in episodic chunks on PlayStation Mobile. Hesitant backers should know that the lowest backer tier is all gone at just $10 making the $15 tier the only barrier for entry in supporting this original mashup of RPG and fighting.

Watch the video and us know in the comments below if you’ve backed the project and what your thoughts are on the game. Have any suggestions or things you like to see in the game? You never know who is reading these comments…