PSNStores Live Chat with Thomas Hopper: upcoming games, a Vita future, and secrets

Posted by on January 16th, 2014 | 0 Comments | Tags: ,

Today, I had the unique pleasure of chatting with PlayStation Mobile developer Thomas Hopper. This fireside chat sans fire reveals what the future holds for Thomas and his next games. We talk about making games, the business of being indie, the harsh reality of sluggish PSM sales, and so much more.

While out chat did seem to go on for days, I feel like we could have talked for days. Don’t call it a love affair just yet, both Thomas and I are happily married straight men, but we share an affinity for games. Most interesting was our conversation about the games we continue to play even though we know they aren’t very good games.

To entice you to stick it out to the end, there is an easter egg of sorts as Thomas explains how to unlock secrets in his games. This works with King Bean to unlock the Waffle Man character that I suggested to him while he was working on the game and a unique color scheme for Radiant Flux as was suggested by another via Twitter.

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