PSNStores Live Chat with Thomas Hopper: Women in Games, Exclusive Console Saga Details, and a Future On Vita

Posted by on February 20th, 2014 | 3 Comments | Tags: , ,

Right off the bat (or pitch for you UK folks) you should be following @thos_thom on Twitter. PlayStation Mobile remains a slowly progressing platform for indie game developers and provides another way to enjoy games and apps on the Vita, as well as PlayStation Certified Android Devices. Thomas Hopper has single handedly manufactured a solid arsenal of games on the platform, but has one more big one to release.

It’s called Console Saga, and I managed to grab him for a chat about the game before he went off to bed this Thursday afternoon. Time Zones explain that last sentence. Thom and I talked a bit about the game roughly one month ago, but today, he gives us the good stuff. He has revealed exclusively with me that Console Saga will not only have a lengthy and challenging single player story, but will also include… HA! You want to know, you’ll have to watch the interview. I hate to do that to ya, but really I gotta. I’ll save you some time though and say that his exclusive announcements are somewhere in the middle.

But if you skip past the beginning you’ll miss out on our discussion about the latest thing in the news/Twitter this week: women in games or the lack thereof. It’s an age old topic and nothing new by any means, but also a topic that is, as Thom says, “a systemic problem.” Is my vision of reverse discrimination a valid albeit temporary solution? Or should 1:1 male to female playable characters simple be the standard practice?

Get involved and leave a comment for us down below. Be sure to mention your region (SCEA or SCEE) and I will give away one code (SCEE only) for Thom’s Super Tank Poker on PSM. I’ll also give away one EU and one NA code for the newly released Gunslugs on Vita. Abstraction Games put out an absolutely perfect port of Orange Pixels mobile game, complete with leaderboards and trophies.