Pirates Beware… Black Rose is the second table for The Pinball Arcade Season 3

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Like a freight train with no brakes and bad buffers, there is no stopping The Pinball Arcade as they enter into their third season of virtual pinball table releases. Fish Tales was announced as the first table in Season 3, and today FarSight Studios has taken to Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube to announce Black Rose as the second.

Que the pirate talkin’ maties, this be yur final warnin. Hand over yur women and booty or it’s the canons that will take ye to Davey Jones’ locker. Black Rose is a pirate themed table from the creative minds at Williams back in 1982. The table art depicts two ships in a canon feud with a center rail connecting the two and allows the enemy ship to fire a ball at the player’s ship.

The video embedded above shows just this as well as the table’s multiball mode. Black Rose, as with all new table announcements, has released on Mac, PC via Steam, iOS and Android already. There is no mention of when the table might release on consoles.

[Source: The Pinball Arcade on Facebook]