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[UPDATE] OlliOlli coming to Vita SOON, trophies leaked

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We’ve talked up OlliOlli a little here on PSNStores. It’s a 2D skateboarding game with the main focus being linking tricks into a massive no-bail high score. Roll 7 have recently mentioned publicly that it has been approved by Sony’s final approval stage of testing and, though not scheduled for release this week, should arrive very soon.

This news is especially important because OlliOlli could release as soon as Christmas week. After being pushed back because of a minor network issue with submitting multiple scores to the Daily Grind, Roll 7 was looking at an early 2014 release. This is still a possibility if Sony can’t squeeze OlliOlli into their busy holiday PSN release schedule.

[UPDATE] Thomas Hegarty (@Thomas_Hegarty) sent me a tweet informing that OlliOlli will sadly not be released within 2013. Though, having waiting nine months to play Knack, I’ll gladly wait an eternity to play OlliOlli.

Additionally, trophies for OlliOlli were leaked when the game was approved and trophies were enabled on the PSN production servers. The data was collected by PSNProfiles and instantly made public. Let’s take a gander at the glorious list of skateboarding trophies and prepare your trick thumbs.

  • Totally Radical
    Beat all Levels on Rad Mode
  • Professionalism
    Unlock all Pro Challenges
  • Hit the Spot
    Get a Score of 2M on a Spot
  • So Many Points
    Land a 2M Point Combo in Career
  • Half Way There
    Unlock all Amateur Challenges
  • Technical Master
    Land 1 of every Trick
  • Explorer
    Find the 5 Hidden Golden Skateboards
  • Land Lover
    Achieve a total of 1000 Perfect Landings
  • Locked On
    Achieve a total of 1000 Perfect Grinds
  • Make your Mark
    Set a Score on 25 different Spots
  • Combododragon
    Land a Combo of x25 or more
  • Dizzy
    Land a 540° Spin

    [Source: Exophase]