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PlayStation Mobile SDK Updated To 1.21, Adds Twitter Support

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A new version of the PlayStation Mobile SDK was released earlier this week to developers. The runtime library was also made available to users. This update doesn’t add too much, unlike some major things like leaderboards with 1.20, but it does have a few things that could do some good for the system.

The first is a library will allows Twitter access. Using the TweetSharp library, hopefully this will allow developers to add Twitter hooks into their games. The 1.21 update will also fix some issues with the leaderboards, which were off to a kind of shaky start.

A full list of the changes made can be seen below:


New Additions and Modifications

  • Supported Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean MR2).
  • Ported TweetSharp to PSM and added the source code and new samples.
  • Fixed bug that some keys do not work correctly with the wireless controller of PS3(TM).


New Additions and Modifications

  • Solved the problem where a resource leak occurred when BgmPlayer used for a long time.

New Additions and Modifications

  • Added/corrected the following documents.
    • [Services.Network Overview]
    • [Other Information] – [Bug Information]


New Additions and Modifications

  • Network/TwitterSample
  • Network/TwitterStreamingSample

Source Code

New Additions and Modifications

  • TweetSharp

PSM Development Assistant (for PlayStation(R)Vita)

New Additions and Modifications

  • Released PSM Development Assistant (for PlayStation(R)Vita) supporting PSM SDK 1.21.00 as a patch package. To use PSM Development Assistant (for PlayStation(R)Vita) for PSM SDK 1.21.00, the system software of the PlayStation(R)Vita unit must be updated to the latest version.
  • In PSM SDK 1.21.00, the menu that switches the PSM Development Assistant operation mode is disabled.

What would you like to see added to PlayStation Mobile?