PlayStation Mobile SDK 1.20 Out Now; Adds PSN Leaderboards

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As I mentioned earlier this month, PlayStation Mobile would be getting a new SDK which had support for PSN leaderboards. Well it is out now and I have it downloaded and here are the official patch notes:

  • The scoreboard feature has been added.
  • Ported LuaInterface to PSM and added the source code and new samples.
  • Improved convenience of creating keys.
  • Added Windows 8 as an official support target of SDK. Removed Windows XP as an official support target of SDK.
  • Supported the multi-user feature added from Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean).
  • When the application is hidden in Android, the application no longer terminates.

There are also some improvements to the way the Vita handles vertex buffers, which should bring a bump up in performance.

There are no titles that I know of that will have leaderboards just yet, but I will be sure to let you all know the moment I do.

[Source: PSM SDK 1.20.00]

  • diemer

    It appears it’s not out just yet. The developer site is still listing the 1.11.01 version as the newest download. You can force it to download but manipulating the version number in the download to 1.20.00, though.

    • Chris

      Yup which is what I did 🙂