Rumor: New PlayStation Mobile SDK Launching On August 21st, Adds PSN Leaderboard Support

Posted by on August 9th, 2013 | 14 Comments | Tags:

There are a few things currently missing from PlayStation Mobile that gamers are craving for. One being trophies and another being online leaderboard support. As of now there are only a few select games, like Tobipen or Surge, that have online leaderboards, but with most things there is a catch. This one being that they are not linked with your PlayStation Network ID.

We got word today from a trusted source that a new version of the PlayStation Mobile SDK (v1.20) will be rolling out on Wednesday August 21st. Some of the new features include Windows 8 support for the dev studio, improved Vita graphics performance (much needed), some lua scripting samples, and the aforementioned PSN leaderboards.

Sony is also encouraging developers with titles already released to go back and add in these new PSN features. Many games on the service like Super Crate Box, Ten by Eight, and Bullion Blitz would really benefit from adding online leaderboards.

Are you be more willing to purchase more PlayStation Mobile games once online leaderboards are added?