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Two new OlliOlli trailers and a plethora of game details

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OlliOlli is one of those games that I failed to make time to play at E3 2013 this year, and I am absolutely kicking myself for it. I’m likely speaking for myself in this regard as well. But that little truth simply heightens my enthusiasm for the game to a dangerously high level. Our friends at Roll7 Games have released two new trailers for the coming of OlliOlli on PlayStation Vita you’re gonna want to watch.

The first trailer as seen above is simply a teaser trailer, but it is very well done. Short, sweet, to the point — just the way a teaser trailer should be delivered. While we would have liked to get a quote in there to represent our opinion (not mine of course), the pleasant surprise came at the end when the message about how crashing can be fun was delivered expertly.

The second trailer embedded below shows a playthrough of the base stage. What you’re seeing is a 2D side-scrolling skateboarding game done right. With notes of Tony Hawk throughout, the indie shines through when the tannins hit the back of your throat. Seriously speaking though, the attention grabbing element (double pun intended) to the game is the simple yet deep controls.

As outlined in a video release on October 18th, OlliOlli creator Thomas Hegarty details the controls. The left analog stick is for tricks while the X button is for landing and must be timed for an added speed boost and high scores. Think of OlliOlli as an infinite runner, it might make it easier to understand. Flicking the left stick in a direction, or more advanced motions such as a quarter, half, or full circle, will execute a jump to trick. Holding the stick while in the air is for grinding, different grinds are produced by pushing the stick in different directions.

Ultimately, the highest scores will come from linking advanced flip tricks to advanced grinds and back again, never once forgetting to land perfectly with a well timed press of the X button immediately before touch down. Revisiting the end of the teaser trailer above signals a release window of sometime before the end of the year. Not too many PS Store updates left in 2013, you’re guess is as good as mine.

In closing, lets take a peak at what looks to be a complete list of gameplay features we can expect when OlliOlli releases exclusively for PlayStation Vita this holiday season:

Overall Features:

  • Perfect landing and grind mechanic that rewards players for timing their tricks to perfection
  • Huge global high score battles in every mode
  • Five different stages, each with their own unique levels and obstacles
  • 120+ tricks and grinds
  • 250 Challenges
  • Trophies: 1 Gold, 3 Silver and 8 Bronze
  • Sick BGM including artists such as the Qemists and Dorian Concept

Career Mode:

  • 50 deviously crafted levels filled with skill, score, combo and trick challenges
  • 5 Challenges per level
  • Amateur and Pro levels, complete Amateurs Challenges to Unlock Pro levels
  • Unlock ‘Spots’ by completing levels

Spots Mode:

  • Challenge your friends (and the world) to the best score on the Spots you’ve discovered in career mode.
  • Get the highest score and become the King of the Spot

Daily Grind:

  • Each day there’s a new Spot to challenge the world at
  • Each Daily Grind Spot is only open for 24 Hours!
  • Practice the spot as many times as you want but you only get one chance to set your score! Go big, but don’t slam on your face!

RAD Mode:

  • Complete all 50 Levels and all 250 Challenges and RAD Mode awaits you! You’d better be good!