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PSNStores Weekly Roundup: October 7th – 13th 2013

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This past week Futurlab had some exciting news for fans of their PSM game Surge (which came in 19th place in our top 25 PlayStation Mobile games), as they announced they are working on a new deluxe Vita version. Check out all the improvements/additions that will be coming to Surge Deluxe next year. This past week we got some new PSM releases with the turn based RPG Dark Quest and the number puzzle game Zen Accumulator being added to the store.

This week should be a busy one on PSN as episode one of The Wolf Among Us, the next adventure game series from Telltale Games, will be releasing on PSN as well as the second lot of Star Wars themed pinball tables from Zen Studios. You can look forward to more Zen Pinball goodness this December when they will release their next Marvel themed table based on the one and only Dr. Strange.

rain made its debut on the store this week past and Curtis has a review for you if you have been wondering what the game is all about and if you should be throwing down that $15 for it. SRPG players looking for their next fix should also read his thoughts on Disgaea Dimensions 2: A Brighter Darkness, the newest entry in the long running Disgaea series and the one that just might offer the most fun.

Fans of interesting artistic titles should also be watching out for the upcoming title Proteus on PS3 and Vita. Read our Q&A with Ed Key to see what to expect from Proteus when it releases soon and how it has made the transition from PC to PSN.

Until next week here is your PSNStores Weekly Roundup:


Telltale Games readies The Wolf Among Us for release on PSN next week
FuturLab amplifying Surge onto Vita with Surge Deluxe
Dr. Strange table comes to Marvel Pinball this December


★★★★☆ rain

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PlayStation Mobile Update

Dark Quest ( $4.99 / £3.99 / ¥500 )
Zen Accumulator ( $3.99 / £3.19 / ¥400 )

Global Store Update


Battle of Tiles EX (PS3) – 56 MB
Orc Attack (PS3) – 1.5 GB


Atomic Ninjas (Cross Buy) – $9.99 (197 MB)
Battle of Tiles EX – $13.99 (56 MB)
Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness – $49.99 (2.2 GB)
Dishonored: Game of the Year Edition – $39.99 (11.2 GB)
F1 2013 – $59.99 (7.1 GB)
Just Dance 2014 – $39.99 (7.1 GB)
Orc Attack – $9.99 (1.5 GB)
Sniper Elite V2 – $29.99 (3.5 GB)


Heavenly Guardian – $9.99 (1.5 GB)


Atomic Ninjas (Cross Buy) – $9.99 (197 MB)
Malicious Rebirth – $14.99 (461 MB)
Worms Revolution Extreme – $14.99 (412 MB)


Battle Of Tiles Ex (PS3)
Orc Attack (PS3)


Air Conflicts: Vietnam – £31.99/€39.99
Battle Of Tiles Ex – £9.89/€12.49
Dragon’s Crown – £39.99/€49.99
Orc Attack – £7.99/€9.99
R.U.S.E – £11.99/€14.99
Spongebob Squarepants: Plankton’s Robotic Revenge – £29.99/€39.99


Dragon’s Crown – £34.99/€39.99
Malicious Rebirth – £9.99/€12.99
Worms Revolution Extreme – £11.99/€14.99


Beyond: Two Souls (PS3) – 2.9 GB
Kazoku Keikaku: Re:Tsumugu Ito (PS3) – 372 MB
Rock of Ages (PS3) – 568 MB


F1 2013 – ¥7770 (6.7 GB)
fencer f – ¥6300 (3.5 GB)
Rock of Ages – ¥1200 (568 MB)
Sakatsuku: Pro Soccer Club o Tsukurou! – ¥7500 (3.2 GB)
Tales of Symphonia: Unisonant Pack – ¥6980 (9.0)


Dangan Ronpa 1.2 Reload – ¥4700 (3.1 GB)
Koshoku Meijyuu Rondo: La Roue de Fortune – ¥6090 (1.4 GB)
Sakatsuku: Pro Soccer Club o Tsukurou! – ¥6500 (3.2 GB)
Slotter Mania V: Highschool of the Dead – ¥5040 (2.8 GB)
Tsuki e Gakuen – Kou – ¥4800 (1.2 GB)


R.U.R.U.R. petit prince – ¥6090 (1.0 GB)


Snowy: Treasure Hunter – 80 MB


DEAD OR ALIVE 5 Ultimate – HK$310 (6.3 GB)
fairy fencer f – HK$412 (3.5 GB)
Snowy: Treasure Hunter – HK$43 (80 MB)