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FuturLab amplifying Surge onto Vita with Surge Deluxe

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One of PSNStores top 25 games, Surge is making a comeback onto Vita natively. This time, not only is the game getting a sizeable overhaul, but so is the name. Surge Deluxe will be delivered through the PlayStation Store for Vita sometime in 2014.PSNStores very own Andrew Brewer said that Surge was “a puzzle game that I still head back to again and again.” FuturLab had previously released Velocity onto PlayStation Mobile to high critical success and felt the need to give it the proper Vita upres it so deserved. Now it’s Surge getting some lovin on Vita.

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When Velocity Ultra was released on Vita, it received a few upgrades. Let’s take a perusal of the upgrades coming to Surge Deluxe:

  • 100% Color Blind Friendly: In order to satiate the needs of many of FuturLab’s color blind fans, and their own Dave Gabriel, Surge Deluxe is 100% color blind friendly.
  • PSN Trophies and Leaderboards: One thing PSM lacked most was native leaderboards and trophy support. Using the PSM ecosystem as a stepping stone to develop for Vita has been an effective way for many developers to become recognized. So that they too may add trophies to their game – the only goal a developer should ever have! (JK)
  • Scoring System Reworked: FuturLab thanks the NeoGaf community for providing mass amounts of feedback in the form of crazy high scores and constant bickering, bickering FuturLab saw as immensely insightful. The new scoring system has been retooled to reward better players, increase the score spread, and remove the burden of grinding.
  • New Combo Blocker: The matching color requirement on the multiplier block has been removed. In its place is a new combiner block that will allow custom combos and get the multiplier soaring.
  • New Chain Linker Block: This allows a chain of like colored blocks to be connected to a blocks of a different color by way of the Chain Linker Block to appropriate the engagement.

The changes sound substantial enough to breathe new life into the game while subtle enough to feel familiar to experienced players. With the absolutely amazing delivery of Velocity Ultra on Vita, and our excitement for Velocity 2x on PS4, we couldn’t be more confident in FuturLab’s future endeavors.

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