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Dr. Strange table comes to Marvel Pinball this December

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Would you believe that Zen Studios released Marvel Pinball on the PlayStation Network for PS3 and PS Vita back in December 2010? They have not forgotten about their Marvel tables despite working diligently on the newest trilogy pack for their latest Star Wars Pinball series.

A year after the last table was released for Marvel Pinball, Zen Studios’ community manager Bobby Loertscher has gone on record via the PlayStation Blog to announce the Doctor Strange table will be delivered on PSN this December. And the year of development will not go unnoticed to fans of Marvel and more specifically, Doctor Strange comics from the past 50 years.

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Bobby says that the Doctor Strange table contains “numerous voiceover lines and situations were adapted straight from 50 years of Doctor Strange comic books.” Knowing how Zen Studios treats the many licenses they’ve turned into pieces of virtual pinball art, it’s no wonder they would dig deep into the best scenarious for the Doctor Strange table.

I realize I talk a lot about pinball, but I’m not alone. I can thank both Zen Studios and FarSight Studios for my newest addiction. Will you be buying the Doctor Strange table for Marvel Studios or have you moved onto greener pastures?

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