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No more trophies for Pinball Arcade DLC starting with Table Pack 16

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Table Pack 16 featuring Goin’ Nuts and Flight 2000 was released during this past Tuesday’s PlayStation Store update and it came without any trophies for PS3 and Vita. I informed Mike Lindsey, Community guru at FarSight Studios, about the oversight, and he responded with this:

We reached our limit for trophy packs. They [Sony] told us there is no way around it.

I was shocked to say the least. This wasn’t an oversight, instead they’ve apparently hit that glass ceiling of trophies for any title. According to PS3trophies.org moderator Vyrastas, The Pinball Arcade currently has 96 trophies totaling 2400 points — “that’s the highest of any PSN game.” He mentions Uncharted 3 has 105 trophies with only 2190 points.

The problem is not so much the missing trophies as it is what damage missing trophies might do to sales of Table Pack 17 and on. There are still four more tables due to be released to complete the Season Two collection. You’d have thought Sony would have been kind enough to point this out when they began pre-selling the Season Two pack.

How long has this hidden rule about a trophy limit been in existence? Can it be reversed or modified? Will FarSight Studios attempt to fix the problem in the current release of The Pinball Arcade, or will they take a page out of Zen Studios’ pinball franchise and create a few new SKUs to spread out the trophies? How will this effect The Pinball Arcade on PS4 when every table pack releases again starting this November?

Table Pack 17 is coming next and will deliver the successfully Kickstarter funded Terminator: Judgment Day table. That will be followed by Table Pack 18 with Haunted House and Tee’d Off. No word on Table Pack 19 or 20, which will round out the Season Two tables.

I have reached out to FarSight Studios for a more detailed idea of what’s going on and what might be done to fix it. I’m really curious what you guys think of all this. Let me know in the comments section below.

[UPDATE] Mike has responded and it seems this issue didn’t pop up out of nowhere. FarSight has been asking Sony if there was something they could do to avoid this issue, but they said no. Mike says, “We’ll be allocating the trophies differently on PS4, so we don’t run out this quickly.”